Fresh Looks on Work and Play

       Post college sewing and designing has been liberating. Eerie and lonesome maybe, but the time spent decompressing from commencement allowed new and old ideas to resurface and fuse. 

      In healing from the stress of school my appreciation for work is maturing (now that no one is forcing me to do well….anything). My craftwomanship is stronger than  ever since I have taken on a stitching gig for a little income. Repeated garment making is ritualistic and perfectionist (delightful). My hands move naturally. It is really just my own boredom that I struggle with. It almost feels like I am in meditaion and training for a hell of a line.

 Too much stored energy building makes me dance and sing all day. (So many playlists) 

My wushu has become more fierce since I earned my purple sash. My strikes are tense and my stances low, my endurance could use work. I just wish I could practice my staff more…wishing and committing are very different actions though. I must train harder.

What am I going to do with all of this? 

Work work work work work (a little play) and then more work

June Studio Playlist: Kung Fu Kitty Work 


Artwalk Dis-Play

May 11-15, 2017 

In a terrorized world, this is what my art looks like. Dreams of Mars speckled over trash and body parts. Clues everywhere

It’s Finals. Feather & Hammer Drop on the Moon, I finish college


It is a melancholy feeling to critique in my last MICA class. De-installing this show is a cathartic way to prepare for installing for Artwalk very soon. Gratitude washes over me as the heat caused by frictional class environments has burned me out. In the process of exhausting myself with my own art I have found my working limit and the benefit of working in groups. On my last day of class I want to say- my favorite medium is questions.

Is there something that bothers you about concentrated content layering?

Is there an access point that is too simple?

Isn’t simplicity beautiful?


Strange new light forms:    I am thinking about calm composure this weekend.

Traveling bodies in space and a transparent identity intermingle. The end is near.


Maybe I can do it?

Zero April Progress 

All work all play? 

Less than a month until Artwalk install! 

         I am creating this “light form” in order to suspend my Zero space suit in Brown Atrium. Achieving weightlessness in a world hindered by gravity may feel impossible, but with 12 parsecs of effort I am going to create that illusion. 

I’m also relieved to get these to-do list projects done! You’re looking at my 0 living hinge samples test set 1 and some fresh mauve mannequin legs.

Happy Saturday to you!