Yayoi Kusama at the Hirschhorn

Monday Monday, so good to me.

Now if I could just finish all my work….


Zero April Progress 

All work all play? 

Less than a month until Artwalk install! 

         I am creating this “light form” in order to suspend my Zero space suit in Brown Atrium. Achieving weightlessness in a world hindered by gravity may feel impossible, but with 12 parsecs of effort I am going to create that illusion. 

I’m also relieved to get these to-do list projects done! You’re looking at my 0 living hinge samples test set 1 and some fresh mauve mannequin legs.

Happy Saturday to you! 

How Melanie Lester and Risa Ono changed my life. 

Craft is key. Like criticism, every time a particle experiences friction it is much like static electricity and light. When a conversation (relic) in time happens, an impression is made.

The impressions these incredible artist made on me may be immeasurable. Is life immeasurable? In the time line of human history is my life too short to qualify? Why do I not deserve Social Security? Do I not work hard? Puh-lease. I am a machine 

Human in the loop. 

My eyes are keys. The art and life around me is fantastic. I have to give credit to the work that happened before me. Artists are not stupid. 

If you can see me, I can see you. 

For my teachers who have given me everything YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!!