Incredibly Dead! Opening soon!

Dress parade was a joyful success! I am so happy that all 26 costumed characters are accounted for. Of course, not everything is done. Final critiques and edits are being made this week. The major badassness is real in the Marauders and the suave sophisticated characters are looking ravishing. It’s going to be a great show.

To read more about the show and get tickets visit BROS: Incredibly Dead!


Worthy Threads 2018 patterns

As I say goodbye to the exciting and smartly picked prints of 2017, I also say hello to a spread of equally tasteful fabrics. 2018 Worthy Threads patterns stay true to the brand mission: “Worthy Threads is a new line of kids clothing that highlights the individuality of our children and the people who dress them.” There are car blueprint dresses, dreamcatcher dresses, bustling beach dresses, and adorably doodled chickens.

At a rate of 2 dresses a day I have 52 more to cut, press, and sew by the end of the month.

Time to get to work!!!


Baltimore Rock Opera Society begins: INCREDIBLY DEAD!


     Prepare to scream and laugh at the next BROS production of Incredibly Dead! Michael Ziccardi, Kathy Carson, Chris LaMartina, and Matthew Pie are the creators behind the ruckus script. There will be badasses, there will be body parts, and there will be re-animation.

   I’m thrilled to be designing for a large cast of funeral parlor folk. As Costume Department Leader I have just begun measuring the cast and sketching their looks. Asia McCallum is a Howard college student whose focus is primarily in costume design and production. She will be assisting me through the process and I am so happy to have her help as we get things started! 

Sunday January 21, 2018 is an all hands volunteer meeting. If you are interested in making sets, props, or costumes reach out to me and I will share time and location with you. (My email is

This will be an unforgettable show! I can’t wait to get sewing!

Baltimore Rock Opera Society presents: THE TERRIBLE SECRET OF LUNASTUS 

It’s finally September! I am so proud of the love and labor that’s made the production of Lunastus a wonderful experience. This BROS production has taken me deep into a Star Trek fantasy- satisfying my costume goals in a serious way.

This show has live singing, a band, lasers, and the clashing interactions between human and extraterrestrial. If you’re in the Baltimore area you should come show your support. It will be unforgettable! 

Tickets and deets below! 

The Terrible Secret of Lunastus 

BROS and a month of post-graduation labor! 

Freedom! Turns out it is sweet! 
I am so happy to be putting my hands to work this month on projects I feel so passionate and proud of. Here is a shot of the fabric for my costume design for the Baltimore Rock Opera Society. To create the right shade of purple I overdyed light blue fabric three times- the winning mix?

Crimson, Navy blue, Black, Dark Brown, and Wine.

Here in the BROS costume shop: 

My friends Rachel and Grayson volunteer to help me with painting uniform belts, cutting out trims, and working on shoulder pads. Costume shop work is the best 🙂 

In the next few weeks we should be putting together the main body of these uniform jumpsuits. The Crew must prepare for launch to Lunastus! 

Lastly, a progress shot of my Worthy Threads stitching. I carefully pin an execute each little step of these miniature dresses: here the gathered skirt is ready to serge! 

Keep an eye out for these little pinafore dresses in Hampden, Baltimore


Super Stitcher 

Sewing for Worthy Threads has been keeping me busy and motivated. These adorable pinafore dresses take carefully cutting and nimble fingers in production. I’m so proud of how many I have done in a little over 2 weeks! 

This is the limited edition Dog Days print. I just love all the little people facing different directions and sleeping on the beach. This sewing makes me so happy! 

Feeling worthy! 🙂 

Check out @worthythreads on Instagram or visit their online store