BROS and a month of post-graduation labor! 

Freedom! Turns out it is sweet! 
I am so happy to be putting my hands to work this month on projects I feel so passionate and proud of. Here is a shot of the fabric for my costume design for the Baltimore Rock Opera Society. To create the right shade of purple I overdyed light blue fabric three times- the winning mix?

Crimson, Navy blue, Black, Dark Brown, and Wine.

Here in the BROS costume shop: 

My friends Rachel and Grayson volunteer to help me with painting uniform belts, cutting out trims, and working on shoulder pads. Costume shop work is the best 🙂 

In the next few weeks we should be putting together the main body of these uniform jumpsuits. The Crew must prepare for launch to Lunastus! 

Lastly, a progress shot of my Worthy Threads stitching. I carefully pin an execute each little step of these miniature dresses: here the gathered skirt is ready to serge! 

Keep an eye out for these little pinafore dresses in Hampden, Baltimore



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