Design for life. Not for Destruction. You may copy and paste this text to translate into any language. Text is a key. Not a limitation. 

What is material context in space and time?

Why do Artists choose to love and live in such a sensitive and perceptual way?

Why are context clues embedded in all media and yet people choose to only accept one kind of it?

What is stealing a kiss?

(To steal is to take, to kiss is to give love)

If your art form is just communication why is that bad? Are the materials or serial numbers or words that are utilized by collective artists around us that can help us understand where we are and why? 

Text is medium. Vision is medium. Real life is 3D for visual artists and physical artists in 2017 because like a seed- we are empowered by knowledge. 

Freedom is a medium. Hmm wonder why?

because out relation to America in space and time is relative to the facts that have happened before us. It is our duty to research. 

Our passion is to create and our intention is pure. 

If a person has come into or left your life you have gained a material experience. 

If you read something you have emplanted knowledge. If there is a plant in your head allow it to grow. 

If you are sensing weeds. Invasive plants and pounding headaches perhaps it is the amount of media that you consume. 

Headphones in too long? Have you been interacting with a machine for hours? 

What is work to you? 

Why do you, an (x) worker, need to survive right now? 

Care about it. Life is just a gift. 

For those who protect our Freedom- we owe ultimate respect. A high achieving woman will be loved by everyone if she/they/he decides to do anything. 

Hillary Clinton did not get my vote for nothing.

Catherine Pugh did not get my vote for nothing. 

My voice is not =0

Neither is yours. 
Please create conversation- with math, rulers, creative, innovative design that considers the history of space and time- humans can succeed. 


Power should not be considered inherently dangerous. 

It is up to Thinkers to say- why did he/she/they say that? Why was it appropriate or not?

What is good art and design? 

Why is Critique helpful? 

Questions generate thoughts.

Words are inherently active. 

If you listen you will learn. 


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