Ignorance isn’t blissful.

I remember the most embarrassing part of Middle School. Mrs. Fischer told me to write on the blank map drawn on the white board. She said “write Europe” 

and I was petrified. 

Western education in the private Catholic school sector does not prepare you for this in the 5th grade.

I knew there were so many small countries… but I panicked over the fear of placing the word wrong. 

What if I wrote Europe over China. What if I completely disrespected Mangascar or Malaysia by swapping them. Maps are generally very hard for me because the man-made lines don’t follow a pattern I can see. Only historical and racial patterns generated by active groups of people. 

What I learned from that little experience back in the 5th grade: The fear of something you may not know can be daunting. Unless you attempt to put some marks on the board- you’re just an idiot holding and Expo marker. 


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