Welcome to Zero: Thesis Critique Presentation

Welcome to Zero. This Cool Suit, intended to be worn underneath spacesuits, helps maintain a dry and cool body. Macy Peterman modeled the Zero Cool Suit on December 15, 2016. Hand Dyed vinyl, spandex, wool, and nylon hangs behind Spacey Macy to create an inspirational color field. A map of the Martian geography explains the future destination for the garments to be worn and swatches of textiles show future design plans.  Below hangs Dr.Hall’s jacket from the live performance and to the far right, the technician’s protective headwear.

In progress Extraterrestrial sweater featuring Neigborhood Fiber Co. Studio Worsted shades of citron.

The Zero Cool Suit is made primarily of Mission Textile’s cool towels which cools when wet. (with sweat)

Dual red zippers allow for easy donning and doffing. A purple lower zipper allows the wearer to empty or replace biological waste bags. The final edition of this garment is intended to be more closely fitted *

Feedback is appreciated please comment or email!


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